Playstation Emails

I was responsible for Sony Playstation's CRM. I worked on weekly account emails and Playstation Store updates, but the best assignments were game launch emails. These emails had to look rad to encourage gamers to pre-order or run to the nearest store and snag a copy of their own. I had the freedom to be more conceptual and break out of a template in order to show off each game's graphics, mechanics, and story.

SSX email
SSX is known for major aerial stunts – the long scroll on this email imitated the freefall tricks in the game.
Twisted Metal email
Twisted Metal is a racing game starring a deranged clown. It also dropped on Valentine’s Day, so gamers who pre-ordered got a promo code to send their sweetheart flowers while they unleashed destruction in the game.
Mass Effect Email
Mass Effect 3 was a huge PS3 title. Our email included a link to download some sweet alien wallpapers.
Mass Effect Wallpapers
Wallpapers increased anticipation of the game’s release.